Paraíso Artistic Residency program

Residencias Paraíso is an artistic residency program designed and coordinated by Colectivo RPM with the support of numerous institutions. Through an annual open call for submissions, the program supports various residency projects for Galician, Spanish, and Portuguese artists which artistic practice involves dance and performing arts in collaboration with different venues in Galicia. These venues host artists for two to three weeks in research, creation, and technical residencies.

Foto Alejandra Balboa
@Fernando Suárez Cabeza | Alejandra Balboa | Pazo da Cultura Pontevedra

Annual Call for Artists from Spain and Portugal

The annual call is published at the beginning of the year, providing approximately one month for the submission of proposals. It is open to artists from Galicia, Spain, and Portugal.


Space and Financial Support

The selected artists from the open call carry out an artistic residency lasting between two to three weeks at a hosting venue and receive financial support ranging from €1,500.00 to €3,000.00, based on the project's needs and characteristics.


Expanded Programming 

A specific expanded program is designed to accompany each residency in dialogue with the artists. This concept of expanded programming refers to the natural overflow of each creative process into the community. In some cases, it could manifest through open showcases of the processes, movement practices or classes, workgroups, lectures, or other varied activities. 


The Projects 

Projects can be in various stages of development. Artists can participate in the program with a research project, a creation project, or to undertake a technical residency.


Annual Gathering Encontro Illa San Simón

At the end of September, we organize an annual gathering with the Paraíso artists from each edition at Illa de San Simón. This gathering lasts three days and offers a shared space for Paraíso artists, socias-amigas of Colectivo RPM, professionals connected to the network of collaborating venues, and independent professionals.


Documentation and Archive 

Colectivo RPM documents each of the projects that go through the program with video recordings, creating a historical archive that expands year by year.