CRL - Central Eléctrica

Vista ao ponte dende Central Eléctrica en Porto

CRL - Central Eléctrica is managed by the Portuguese company Circolando in the city of Porto, as part of its local contextual project. In a historical space for the city, Circolando reinterpreted this deactivated space to turn it into a vibrant and energetically charged hub of artistic activity. Over the past 15 years, they have worked as promoting agents for various artists, both national and international.

CRL - Central Eléctrica is a place where artists and interested parties can come together, think, collaborate, explore, and create, whether through diverse residency programs or via their cycles and training activities.

The collaboration with Colectivo RPM began in 2023 with the "Cruceiro Paraíso" project by VACAburra.

Andrea Quintana & Gena Baamonde / VACAburra with Don't kiss me I'm in training