Graner, Creation Center for Dance and Performing Arts

Espazo Graner

Graner is a dance and performing arts creation center located in a former light bulb factory in the La Marina neighborhood of Barcelona. Framed within the Fábricas de Creación program of the Barcelona City Council, it places research and artistic experimentation at its core.

We have been collaborating with this center since 2017 through various dynamics of cross-residencies. This collaboration allows us to host residencies for Galician artists at Graner, as well as support processes of artists from their context in Galicia.

Cris Vilariño with Programa educativo Graner

Cristina Balboa with Cruceiro Graner con Alberto Cortés

Diego M. Buceta with Cruceiro Graner

Fran Martínez with Cruceiro Graner

Laura Villanueva with Residencia en Graner con Pablo Esbert e Federico Vladimir Strate

Julia Laport with Extender como si pudiera